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PiGallery 2

PiGallery 2 is a self-hosted directory-first photo gallery website.

Try our live demo! (First load may take up 30s, while the server boots up)
The gallery is a directory first gallery. It renders your directory structure as it is. Supports rich search queries and fully dockerized.

Main features:

Photo viewer

Nice photo viewer with optional information panel that shows all important information about the photo.


PiGallery2 reads the location data of the photos and puts them on a nice map. The gallery also supports *.gps file to show your tracked path on the map too. It by default supports OpenStreetMap and Mapbox, but you can also add you own favourite map provider.

Advanced searching

App supports full boolean logic with negation and exact or wildcard search. It also provides handy suggestions with autocomplete.
Match types: person:"John" # exact match
person:(John) # wildcard match
person:John # same as person:(John)
person!:John # negation
Supported keywords:
directory:"dir name/another dir"
position:"USA" # use city, state, country names
5-km-from:(New York) # photos 5 km from the center of New York
any_text:"apple", # searches for apple everywhere, "any_text:" can be omitted
Bool expressions:
John and Kate # photos with "John" and "Kate" (any string match)
John Kate # same as "John and Kate"
John or Kate # photos with "John" or "Kate" (any string match)
2-of:(John, Kate, Steve) # lists photos that satisfies at least 2 out of the 3 names (any string match)


You can share your photo folders with your friends. The sharing link can be also password protected. Limitations: you cannot share search results.

Easy settings

PiGallery2 has a rich settings page where you can easily set up the gallery. Click here to see all the setting in the live demo.

Video playback

It also supports *.mp4, *.webm, *.ogv and *.ogg files.

Random link

You can create a link that will serve a random photo from your gallery. You can use this link with 3rd party applications, like with an automatic wallpaper changer gadget.

Local filters

Rich filter panel, where you can further filter your directory or search results.

All features: